The following office bearers of the Executive Committee were present:


(i)   Dr. C Chandramouli, Secretary (P) & President, Executive Committee, CSOI

(ii)  Ms. Sujata Chaturvedi, Addl. Secretary (Estt.), DoPT & Vice President, CSOI

(iii)   Shri G D Tripathi, J.S, DoP&T & Secretary, CSOI

(iv)   Ms. Vanita Sood, C.W.O, DoPT & J.S, CSOI.


ln attendance


(i)         Shri Goutam Chatterjee, General Manager, CSOI

(ii)        Shri Jayant Singh, Sr. Manager, CSOI

(iii)       Shri Ajay Mittal, Consultant C.A, CSOI

(iv)       Shri Shubham Mittal, representing Statutory Auditor for 2017-18

(v)        Shri V. K. Sharma, Sr. Accounts Officer, CSOI


19.1    The total attendance of members were140 as per Annexure-l.


19.2    The meeting commenced at 11:00 A.M. but was adjourned as the quorum required in accordance with Article 13(d) of the Memorandum of Association was not fulfilled.


The adjourned meeting commenced after the requisite break as required under Article 13 (d) which provides :-


"One third members shall form quorum for a meeting of the General Body. However, if the quorum is not complete, meeting would be adjourned for one hour and no quorum for the adjourned meeting would be necessary".


19.3    In his opening address, the President extended a warm welcome to all the members present and acknowledged the contribution of the members in developing the lnstitute as an important activity centre for the civil service officers in Delhi.


19.4    Thereafter, the President elaborated upon some of the achievements of the institute during the past one year and shared his vision for the institute in future. He also mentioned that out of the activities undertaken, some have already been achieved, some are under consideration for financial approvals.


President, CSOI highlighted the following achievements of CSOI during the year under review:


i.         Emergency Medical Response have been strengthened and augmented at both locations of CSOI- The medical facilities for members in K.G. Marg & Vinay Marg have been further streamlined and upgraded for providing better services to members and their visiting guests" An Ambulance (24 hrs) with trained paramedics is stationed at both the locations for quick emergency response to the person/s requiring transfer to the nearest hospital in critical conditions.

ii.        CSOI staff at both locations have been given hands on training by the doctors in RML Hospital in CPR and use of automated External Defibrillators which can be used in an emergency situation.

iii.       Screening of regional movies on Monday and old classic on Wednesday was revived and has been appreciated by members.

iv.       Substantial increase in art, intellectual, cultural & entertainment activities during the year as part of welfare activities for the members.

v.         Talks and Interactive Sessions on “GST unraveled”, “Raza & Gandhi”, “India-Bangladesh Relations”.

vi.       Talks on "India Afghanistan international relations" in the presence of former dignitaries.

vii.       Health Talks, Talks on Life style management Music Events, Exhibition of Coin Collection and talk on the subject, Garba Dance & Hi Tea on the occasion of Teej Celebration.

viii.      Stage Plays - "The would be Gentleman" by Drashta Entertainers & Har Guruvaar by Subrang Theatre Group & August Osage County by Dramatech.


19.5    Regarding financial management President conveyed that during the financial year 2017-18, CSOI had incurred a capital expenditure of Rs. 7.33 Cr in CSOI at K.G. Marg towards renovation by CPWD. He also informed the members that the property tax and service charges raised by NDMC of Rs. 4 Cr have been settled. Apart from incurring capital expenditure and payments to NDMC during the FY 2017-18 another One crore was passed on to the members as discount on food and beverages. These activities led to dip in investments from Rs.55,27,99,631/-cr to Rs.50,11,44,885/- cr. leading to surplus of expenditure over the income byRs.96,64,726l-.


President, CSOI placed the Annual Report of CSOI for 2017-2018 before Annual General Body Meeting for adoption. Shri" Mohan Swarup (M. No"3906) and Shri. Nirmal Chander (M. No.7249) proposed and seconded the adoption of the Annual Report with Audited Accounts for the year 2017-18".


19.6    The Annual Report and the Audited Accounts for the year 2017-18 was approved and adopted.


19.7    Thereafter, Secretary CSOI conducted the interactive session with the members present".


19.8    The suggestions and appreciations received from the members are in Annexure-ll. At the end Secretary, CSOI assured all the members that their valuable suggestions have been noted and will be considered objectively and ATR will be uploaded on the CSOI website. Moreover an interactive session will be organized by CSOI to inform progress made on suggestions by June, 2019.


19.9    The meeting concluded with vote of thanks by CWO, DoPT & JS, CSOI.