SEPTEMBER 9, 2017 AT 11:00 AM



Members present:-

1)   Shri Ajay Mittal, Secretary (P), DOPT & President, CSOI – in Chair

2)   Shri P. K. Tripathi, AS, DOPT & Vice President, CSOI

3)   Shri Rabindra Panwar, AS & FA (Home) & Treasurer, CSOI

4)   Shri G. D. Tripathi, Joint Secretary, DoPT, & Secretary, CSOI

5)   Shri Sandeep Jain, CWO, DOPT & Joint Secretary, CSOI

6)   Shri Injeti Srinivas, Secretary, D/o Sports and DG, SAI

7)   Shri Sunil K Sawhney, Chief Commissioner of Customs

8)   Shri P. K. Purwar, Chairman & MD, MTNL

9)   Smt. Kiran Aggarwal, Former Secretary to GoI, Co-opted member

10)   Smt. Vineeta Rai, Former Secretary to GoI, Co-opted member

11)   Shri Anup K. Pujari, Former Secretary to GoI, Co-opted member

Also present:


1)    Shri S. L. Meena, Chief Engineer, CPWD-representing DG, CPWD

2)    Shri Goutam Chatterjee, General Manager, CSOI

3)    Shri Mukesh Raj, Statutory Auditor

4)    Shri Ajay Mittal,  Tax Consultant

5)   Shri Jayant Singh, Sr. Manager, CSOI

6)   Shri V. K. Sharma, SAO, CSOI


Item No. 50.1: Confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting of the Executive Committee: The minutes of the 49th Executive Committee meeting held on June 13, 2017 were confirmed.

Item No. 50.2: Action taken on the minutes of the last meeting of the Executive Committee:

A brief presentation was made by Joint Secretary on the functioning of CSOI and on the action taken report of the minutes of the last Executive Committee Meeting. The Committee reviewed the action taken report and made the following observations:

48.2 (b):           It was decided to resolve the issue regarding the amount to be paid to NDMC as service charges at the earliest. The Committee directed that the rightful payment of service charges to the extent that there is no dispute should be made immediately to avoid any penalty on this account after obtaining all relevant details from NDMC.

48.3: The committee was also informed of the necessary safeguards which had been adopted to ensure that instances of embezzlement do not recur in future. It was decided to approach the CAG office at the earliest to get nomination of an expert Investigative Auditor.

48.6: The Committee was informed by Secretary that a meeting was being scheduled next week with JS, L&DO for resolving the matter.

49.4: The Committee was informed that 340 members who were earlier granted membership only for the weekdays have been made regular w.e.f. May 25, 2017. The Committee desired that the impact of this conversion on the footfall during weekends may be analysed and submitted before the Committee for perusal.

49.5: Regarding status of Defaulters as on December 31, 2016, the Committee authorized the Chairperson, Working Committee to take a final decision in this regard. It was observed that the number of life members is remaining stagnant over the years and there is a need to explore ways to attract potential members to opt for the life membership. The possibility of incentivizing life membership needs to be explored.

49.6: Regarding offer to 488 applicants who were granted membership after August, 2012, the Committee decided that the matter may be treated as closed.


49.7:  Regarding opening up of new Membership, the Committee decided that the onetime registration charge of Rs. 5,000/-, which were earlier decided to be Non–refundable would be treated as refundable or adjustable with the dues on grant of membership to the applicant. It was also decided that formulation of the policy regarding grant of membership and priority regarding grant of membership should be expedited by the Working Committee. 



49.9: Status of Renovation work of CSOI at K. G. Marg: The Committee was briefed by Shri S.L. Meena, Chief Engineer, CPWD on the progress of renovation work at CSOI K.G. Marg.          Secretary informed that progress was being monitored on regular basis by the Project Monitoring Committee and the Civil & Electrical works entrusted to CPWD at initial conceptual stage would be completed as earlier scheduled by October 31, 2017. He also informed that only the audio-visual multi-media system and furniture for the conference room would take some more time to be installed. It was decided that the estimates for audio-visual multi-media system and furniture for the conference room may be moved on file for approval.

Item No. 50.3: Annual accounts and Balance Sheet for the FY – 2016 -17:

50.3.1 The statutory auditor M/s Mukesh Raj & Co. briefed the Committee about the highlights of the Audit.

50.3.2   CMD, MTNL mentioned that at present Deferred Income out of capital grant in Aid was recognized as income as contra entry for the depreciation on the assets funded through capital grants. He argued that this accounting presentation depicted higher surplus of income over expenditure especially in view of the fact that capital expenditure for reconstruction, purchase of new assets had to be met by CSOI from its own funds in future.

50.3.3    It was decided that the point raised by CMD, MTNL would be considered, in consultation with the Statutory Auditor, while preparing annual accounts for the current financial year (2017-18).

50.3.4      After deliberations, the Executive Committee approved to place the audited annual accounts for 2016-17 before the next Annual General Meeting. 

Item No. 50.4:    Extension of special discounts on Food & soft beverages in CSOI at Vinay Marg and K.G. Marg till December 31, 2017: The committee decided to continue the existing discounts on Food & soft beverages for in-house dining till March 31, 2018 and directed the Working Committee to look into the details of the effect of the discounting in relation to the increase in footfall, if any.


Item No. 50.4:     Provision of reading room for the Library: 

Chairperson Library Sub Committee briefed the committee about the functioning of the library and developments on value addition in the library. The facility of e-books through Delnet library and also had put forward her view about making of a reading room at the room adjacent to the library which was accepted and agreed by the committee.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.