Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting
10th November 2016, at CSOI Vinay Marg



Members present:-

  1.    Shri Bhanu Pratap Sharma, Secretary (P) & President, CSOI – in Chair.

  2.     Shri T. Jacob, AS (S & V) & VP, CSOI.

  3.     Shri G.D. Tripathi, JS (GDT) & Secretary, CSOI.

  4.     Shri Vivek Johri, Chief Commissioner of Customs.

  5.     Shri Sandeep Jain, CWO & JS, CSOI.

  6.     Shri Sanjay Verma, Chief of Protocol, MEA.

  7.     Shri Dharmendra Kumar, Joint Secretary (L), MoUD.

  8.     Smt. Vineeta Rai, Co-opted Member.

  9.     Shri Amitabh Kant, Co-opted Member.

10.     Shri Anup Pujari, Co-opted Member.

11.     Shri Jayant Singh, Acting GM, CSOI – Invitee to assist the Committee.


48.1 Confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting of the Executive Committee: - The Minutes of the 47th Executive Committee meeting held on May 23, 2016 were confirmed with the following modification.

“The word audit mentioned in para 2.3 should be read as Investigative audit”.

It was also decided that in future the paragraphs of the minutes should be numbered in accordance with the number of the meeting, so that referencing will be easier.  For example, for the 48th meeting, the paragraphs should begin with 48.1 and so on.      

48.2 Action taken on the minutes of the last meeting of the Executive Committee:- The Committee reviewed the action taken report on the minutes of the last meeting of the Executive Committee and made the following observations:-

a) The ATR should also have a reference to the para number of the minutes / agenda. 

b) The Committee noted that no meeting with Chairman, NDMC regarding property tax issue had been held till date. It was decided to hold the meeting with Chairman, NDMC soon.

48.3 Status of Investigative Audit:- Secretary, CSOI  briefed the Committee about the progress made in the investigative audit.  It was informed that internal control measures to check embezzlement in future had already been put in place.  The entire amount of Rs. 39,18,594/- which was detected as embezzlement has been recovered.  The primary purpose of the present investigative audit is to ensure that any further amount has not been embezzled.

The Committee observed that there had been undue delay in completion of the investigative audit.  It was decided that every effort may be made to get the audit completed by the end of this month, a status note of safeguards also put in and those which are being put in place to ensure that such instances do not recur should be placed before the AGM.

48.4 Statutory Audit and Balance Sheet (2015-16):- The Auditor M/s. Mukesh Raj & Co. briefed about the highlights of the audit.  After deliberations, the Executive Committee approved to place the audited annual accounts for 2015-16 before the AGM.  The audited annual accounts and balance sheet were signed by the Secretary, CSOI and the Statutory Auditor in the presence of the Committee. 

48.5 Status of Membership:- The Committee noted the status of members who have defaulted in making their payment of the annual subscription.  After deliberations, the Committee made the following decisions:-

a) A final notice may be given to all the defaulter members to pay their annual subscription fees along with the restoration fees by 31st December, 2016, failing which their membership would be terminated. 

b) The restoration fees would be as decided in the last Executive Committee i.e. Rs. 10,000/- as a restoration fees for those members who have defaulted only for 2015-16 and 2016-17 and Rs. 15,000/- as restoration fees for those members who have defaulted from 2014-15 or earlier years.

c) The notice must be sent through speed post as well as email / SMS at the available details of the members. In addition, a phone call may be made to all such members and a record of the same may be kept.    

d) The notice along with the list of the defaulter members may also be put on the website of CSOI. 


48.6 Perpetual Lease Deed Status of Land Allotted to CSOI at Vinay Marg:- The Committee was informed that CSOI had to pay annual ground rent and license fees w.e.f. 31-1-2007 with an yearly interest of 10%.  The total amount came to around Rs. 1.05 crore. This amount is statutory in Nature and has to be paid with arrears for executing the Perpetual Lease Deed. Thereafter, an amount of Rs.10.87 Lacs will be paid on yearly basis by CSOI against ground rent/ license fee.  The Committee was also informed that there were two deviations of permanent nature constructed by NBCC i.e. underground ETP plant and construction of ELT room in service area, for which an amount of Rs. 50,000.00 per year had to be paid as compounding charges for these deviations in future, along with arrears.

The Committee was informed that the Working Committee had recommended to pay all the statutory payment to L & DO.  The Working Committee had also recommended to recover the penalty from NBCC for the deviations done by NBCC without any approval.  The Working Committee had further recommended that L & DO may be requested for waiver on interest charges.

Shri Dharmendra Kumar, JS UD (L) informed that waiver on interest charges is not given by L & DO.  After deliberations, the Committee decided on the following:-

a)    All the statutory dues to L & DO, including compounding charges as well as the interest may be paid to L & DO to settle the issue once for all.

b)    Annual ground rent/license fee as well as the compounding charges may be paid in future also, being payments of statutory nature.

c)     A view on recovering the amount from NBCC may be formed after giving NBCC an opportunity to explain their stand.  


48.7 Renovation of CSOI at K.G. Marg: Secretary, CSOI informed that a meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Secretary, DOPT and President CSOI was held on September 23, 2016 to further discuss the renovation works to be undertaken by CPWD in CSOI at K.G. Marg, New Delhi. During the meeting, CPWD had given a PPT presentation and projected an estimate of Rs.6.30 crores. During that presentation, it was decided to undertake the renovation in two phases, with essential works to be carried out in the first phase within the financial limit of Rupees five crore set by the Executive Committee of CSOI.

After detailed deliberations, the Executive Committee approved the following:

(i)                All the works mentioned by CPWD, as detailed below, may be undertaken:


Name of Work

Approx. Cost(in Lakhs)


Complete Remodelling of Kitchen and equipment’s i/c Ventilation



Complete Drainage system of Kitchen along with Installation of ETP system



Central Air conditioning (to be planned for entire building) with Electric Substation and DG Set. The left wing portion along with Court Yard to be Centrally Air conditioned firstly



Provision of false ceiling, replacement of flooring and other misc. Civil works



Rewiring and Lighting works



Fire fighting & Fire Alarm system i/c Fire Tank



Provision of the two nos. of lifts(one 10 Passengers & other for Goods)



Provision of Porch, Pargola & Court yard covering



Renovation of Wash Rooms and recycling of treated water



Total =



(ii) After the renovation is completed, furniture of the best quality may be purchased. It was informed that the above mentioned amount of Rs. 6.30 crores is only for the Civil/electrical works.

(iii) It was also decided that instead of a multi-purpose hall as planned earlier, there would be a ‘State of the art’ multi media Conference Room at First Floor (with seating capacity of about 80 persons). This can be used by Members and various Ministries of the Government and can be a source for generating revenue for the Club.

(iv) The Committee also approved for the advance payment of 10% of the construction cost of first phase for deposit to CPWD to engage consultants for designing the kitchen (including ETP), fire fighting system and central air conditioning system, preparation of detailed estimates and bidding process.

(v) The Committee directed that the time line envisaged i.e. four months for planning, designing and tendering and five to six months for execution of the work must be strictly adhered to.

48.8 Status of Access Entry/Exit Road from Vinay Marg:  The Committee ratified the sanction of additional amount of Rs. 27,24,200/- approved by the Secretary (P) & President, CSOI for access road through the sports ground.  The Committee directed that the work should be completed before the AGM.

48.9 AMC of CSOI Building from NBCC for the FY 2016-17:- The Committee approved the AMC of CSOI building from NBCC for Rs. 76.31 lakh for the period from April 1, 2016 to September 30, 2016 and AMC for Rs. 1,52,64,000/- for the period from October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017, as recommended by the Working Committee.

48.10 Security Services:-  The Committee approved awarding of contract for security services at K.G. Marg and Vinay Marg to M/s. SNG Securities and Placements at Rs. 87,23,566/- per annum for a period of two years, as recommended by the Tender Evaluation Committee and the Working Committee.

48.11 AMC from CPWD (Electrical) for K.G. Marg:- The Committee approved AMC of the electrical installations in CSOI K.G. Marg from CPWD (Electrical) for Rs. 23,04,000/- for a period from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017, as recommended by the Working Committee.

48.12 Change in Memorandum of Association:- The Committee directed to get the draft change in Memorandum of
Association legally vetted before placing in the AGM.

The meeting ended with Vote of thanks to the Chair.