The CSOI library provides to its members - well-stacked shelves with books, periodicals and a growing assortment of movie CDs.

- Members are requested to get the Library cards made, on any working day, through the librarian. Only Four books (two books and two magazines) are issued per Membership No.r for 15 days.

- Members are requested to avoid bringing children (below five years) in the Library for the convenience of fellow Members.

- It was decided to stock good autobiographies authored by civil servants.  Members may send the details of such autobiographies.

- In case of movie CDs, the rent shall be Rs. 15/- for two days with a late fee of Rs. 15/- per day for every additional day. In case the CD is damaged or lost, the Member will have to replace the CD with an original version only or deposit its cost.

- Members desirous of donating books may send the list of books to the Library Committee for screening and approval. Books, which are suitable for the Library and are in good condition alone, will be accepted. Donated books not found suitable for Library shall be offered to Members free of cost for a certain period and thereafter disposed of.

- The late fee shall be Re. 1/- per day per book and per magazine, limited to the maximum of the cost of the book/magazine. In case a book or a magazine is lost, the Member will have to replace it and, in case it is not available, the cost of the book will have to be deposited with CSOI.  In all the cases, late fee shall be applicable till the day the book is returned.