1.              The Executive Committee has approved the introduction of smart card to automate and streamline all the financial transactions in CSOI w.e.f February 10, 2014. It is a mandatory requirement for all members.
2.              Please fill the smart card forms for self and spouse and submit at the reception, Vinay Marg. The forms can also be downloaded from the institute website www. csoi.org.in
3.              Charges for the smart card: self – Rs.100/- and spouse – Rs.50/- . These charges (along with the Rs.10 for the forms downloaded from the website) will be deducted upfront on the first top up (members are requested to keep the cards in safe custody and always carry on person while visiting the institute).
4.              Members to report for the lost / misplaced card to the reception csoi at the earliest – 2419300, 26111081 or email to it@csoi.org.in
5.              Duplicate cards shall be issued only after submitting in writing to GM, CSOI. The member will have to fill a new form and pay accordingly.
6.              Ready smart cards will be issued ( from February 10, 2014 – Monday) to the member only from the reception of CSOI at Vinay Marg ( member to kindly sign the register on receipt of cards )
7.              Minimum first time top up of Rs.1000/- (the card charges of Rs. 100/- & 50/- to be deducted by CSOI at the time of first top up).
8.              Thereafter recharge will be done in multiples of Rs. 500/- at the reception only.
9.              The smart card operationswill start in the restaurants, bar and the café lounge of Vinay Marg only in the first phase (from 10th February, 2014). Thereafter these cards shall be used for payments in all other facilities of Vinay marg. After successful implementation at Vinay Marg, the usage of these smart cards will be carried forward to CSOI at K.G. Marg.
10.           Members / spouse are requested to validate their entry to CSOI at the reception before utilizing any facility in the institute.
11.           Reception will charge / top it up only through cash or credit card (visa / master). The accompanying guest’s charges will also be billed at the reception (Request Co-Operation from all Members).
12.           Initially from February 5, 2014 (Monday)x series cards (on each visit to the institute at Vinay Marg till the valid smart cards are ready) for use in the restaurant & bar only Vinay Marg, Chanakyapuri. members / spouse will be issued
13.           X –series card will be activated and charged only once a day and cannot be reactivated the same day. It will have to be therefore replaced / returned at the reception while leaving the institute.
14.           The x series cardswill have a refundable security deposit of rs.300/- (rupees three hundred only) deducted at the first top up of Rs. 1000/- or more (in multiples of Rs. 500/-). However smart cards will not have any security deposit but will be charged at approved rates.
15.           These cards will be valid for a day only and while going back from the institute it will have to be returned to the reception and member / spouse are requested to take back the cash balance left on the card in cash. In case of Smart cards this refund is not required.
16.           No cash payments to be made by the members/ spouse at any other point in the institute.  
17.           Once the smart cards with members detail/ photographs are issued, the x series card shall not be issued thereafter from the system ( Do carry your smart cards on each visit to the club)
18.           Smart cards can be topped with any amount member/spouse wishes from time to time (minimum balance of Rs.1000/- & in the multiples of Rs.1000/-)
19.           For use in any facility, members/ spouse are requested to give their cards to the service provider along with the orders placed, the billing will be instantly done and the receipt along with the card returned to the Member. The balance amount will be reflected on each bill (Please check bills for necessary details). suggestion / complaint on the smart cards can be forwarded to gm@csoi.org.in & it@csoi.org.in
20.       No orders will be generated in the facilities/reception In case sufficient balance is not available on the card for the order placed (in case of both cards - X series & Smart cards). Kindly check for sufficient balance at the Reception before utilizing the Facilities in the Institute.

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